We help companies and candidates find the right fit

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We help employers and candidates find the right fit

AM Recruitment are specialist temporary, contract and permanent recruiters within a range of industries including Oil and Gas, Subsea, Construction, Energy, Demolition, Rail, Renewables, Fabrication, Manufacturing and all forms of engineering with clients around the globe. Uniquely, we employ engineers and in-industry professionals in various disciplines who, when recruiting, liaise with our experienced consultants to ensure a perfect match between the client and the candidate.  We provide a 360-degree recruitment service by carefully researching and identifying prospective candidates, interviewing, placing into suitable roles and where necessary, managing them on site!

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Roles we specialise in include:

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You don’t want just any job, you want the right fit. Find it here.
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I am an employer
You don’t want just any candidate, you want the right fit.
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5 Reasons why you should use AM Recruitment

If you are snowed under and don’t have the time to find the perfect candidates for your job roles; AM Recruitment will do the bulk of the hiring process for you.

- Reduce the time of hiring
- Lower risk of bad hires
- Market Knowledge
- Have access to more candidates through different resources!
- Building new relationships

Meet The AM Recruitment Team

Ian Morrison

Managing Director

Tell us a bit about yourself
I am 39 year old from Teesside and have a background in construction and haulage. I joined AM recruitment 7 years ago, working my way to becoming Financial Director and now Managing Director! I hold a racing driver’s license and spend a lot of my spare time competing in or even building race cars.

What is your role at AM Recruitment?
Owner and Managing Director

What do you love about working at AM Recruitment?
Seeing the young members of our team learn and succeed in the industry, particularly within AMR!


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