Sales Administrator/ Transport Co-Ordinator

February 20, 2023

The sales and logistics coordinator helps customers through the sales process. Your duties include answering customer queries over the telephone and over email, delivering after-sales information, and updating customer records. You may also be involved in, plans and manage processes, projects whilst liaising with relevant people.

Sales and Logistics Coordinators manage all aspects of shipping delivery and routes to ensure customer satisfaction. The primary goal is to maintain customer satisfaction. You will be knowledgeable about supply management practices and principles and will answer customer enquiries, inform customers of any delays in the delivery schedule and be able to resolve customer complaints.

Outline of Duties
• Answering questions from prospective customers about the purchase process
• Tracking orders and investigating shipping delays for customers waiting on products
• Answering questions from existing customers with faulty or unwanted products
• Processing customer sales, refunds and returns
• Performing data entry duties with regards to sales figures, metrics and other key data
• Reporting unusual activity to supervisors
• Updating customer records with new contact details and notes on support interactions
• Referring complex cases to Sales Support Manager
• Making follow-up contact to inform customers of new or improved products
• Managing stock levels using IT systems and digital devices
• Verifying and meeting established deadlines through management, product fulfilment, shipping and transportation cycle
• Managing, testing transportation providers, reviewing costs and transportation rates and researching shipping options
• Developing and analysing budget and providing reports to management
• Managing logistics operations while controlling warehouse operations and advancing the efficiency of the supply chain
• Ensuring that shipping methods complying with rules, regulations and laws
• You may be involved in recruiting and coordinating logistics staff (e.g. truck driver’s) according to requirements and availabilities
• Monitoring quality control and keeping warehouse capacity at optimal levels

•Assisting the directors in personal administration and keeping a diary of all appointments and meetings

Demonstrate and uphold our Values:
There is an expectation that all representatives of the company will:
Create a safe working environment and accept nothing less.

Invest in people so that people aspire to join us and never want to leave us and invest in our people, so our people will continuously deliver their best. People First!

Not accept anything short of excellence ‘going the extra mile’ for our people and our customers’ and deliver a quality product every time and continuously seek opportunities to improve, develop and grow.

·         Knowledge, skills and experience required
• Advanced level in data management and analytical skills
• Knowledge of quality management principles with the ability to identify process improvement opportunities
• Advanced in using computers, other technology and logistics software
• The ability to be forward-thinking and make projections, project manage and implement strategic planning
• Excellent people, communication and negotiation skills
• A clear understanding of the industry processes and knowledge of how to handle common obstructions with clear solutions
• Ability to manage staff resources to meet changing needs
• Customer service skills for pleasant and productive customer interactions
• Written and verbal communication skills for clear interactions with customers and other Sales Support
• Computer literacy, including confident use of customer relationship management software, Salesforce and Microsoft Office applications
• Data entry skills for accurately updating customer records
• Organisation skills for managing different customer cases simultaneously
• Conflict resolution skills for dealing with challenging customer cases
• In-depth knowledge of sales process and business products
•Prepared to assist directors with personal administration and organising calendars.

Employment Type
Full Time
AM Recruitment
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Company size
50-100 employees
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