January 4, 2024

Job Summary

The Master is the representative of the shipping company he/she is responsible for adequate management of the tug and its crew, ensuring safe and optimal towage services, both in port and at sea, to contribute to the commercial and operational goals of the company. They manage, executes and monitors maintenance of the vessel, insures that the vessel is in compliance with Class, Flag State, HSE-Q and other compulsory regulations & operational requirements in a safe, effective and cost efficient manner. Ensure that spare parts, consumables and inspections are planned and ordered on time.

Key Tasks/Responsibilities

·Responsible for the safe navigation, maneuvering and mooring of the tug.

·Ensure towing services are performed safe and efficiently.

·Coach, train, evaluate and guide the tug crew and ensure tasks and duties are understood.

·Manage the tug in such a way that it is maintained well and a pleasant work environment is created.

·Build and maintain relationships with clients, pilots, port authorities and other third parties, communicate effectively to ensure our client is considered a trustworthy and reliable service provider.

·Ensure accurate ship administration (planned maintenance system) and (monthly) reporting.

·Ensure the tug and its operations comply with company, flag state and legal requirements and all necessary certificates are up to date and complete.

·Report unsafe situations and actions to contribute to increased safety and awareness.

·Perform safety drills on a regular basis.

Required knowledge/experience.


• Nautical school

• Company mandatory training


• Minimum 2-3 years of experience working on a tug, local port knowledge

Other requirements:

• Certificate Master, in line with the designated vessel and its operational area

• Valid medical and training certificates, in compliance with flag state requirements.

Achieving Results

Actively focusing on and achieving or exceeding results

• Sets challenging goals and deadlines for self and others

• Eliminates barriers to achieve goals

• Dares to take calculated risks to achieve results

• Remains result-driven even when facing setbacks

Motivating Others

Inspiring enthusiasm in others and encouraging others to take initiative and responsibility in order to achieve objectives

• Responds to people’s ambitions and needs

• Builds and maintains the team morale and celebrates successes

• Acknowledges the individual contribution to the success of the organization


Effectively transferring thoughts and expressing ideas to individuals or groups both written and verbally

• Is a good public speaker; makes a connection to the audience

• Makes a point effectively even in difficult circumstances and to resistant audiences

• Clearly explains complex concepts


Taking Initiative

 Taking action, rather than waiting passively to see what happens.

• Raises ideas and issues and comes up with solutions

• Stimulates people to come up with initiatives and solutions


Taking decisions based on analysis, knowledge, experience and judgment and committing oneself to the decision.

• Takes decisions even if not all relevant information is available

• Creates commitment for decisions

• Shows strong belief in own decisions

Customer Focus

Identifying and understanding client needs and acting accordingly.

• Asks questions to clarify clients’ wishes and needs

• Translates client needs into appropriate solutions

• Takes responsibility for fulfilling client requests



Dealing adequately with change and adopting new ways of working to achieve objectives.

• Responds immediately and adequately to unexpected and urgent matters

• Foresees upcoming changes and responds adequately

• Shows multiple ways of adapting adequately in changing situations

Planning & Organizing

Planning and managing activities and resources efficiently and effectively to achieve goals.

• Coordinates the work of the team and external resources

• Identifies dependencies in tasks and planning and coordinates accordingly

• Anticipates unforeseen circumstances in the planning

• Ensures timely availability of resources

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