AUV Supervisor

March 14, 2023

Our Client is looking for an AUV Supervisor to join their growing team. 

If you are interested please contact Paul Tutill 01642 551883.

Principal Accountabilities

                 Preparing, testing, and operating AUVs and related equipment during pre-project, operations, and post-project activities.

                 Maintaining AUVs and related systems according to the company’s IT and QHSE management systems.

                 Responsible for the deployment and recovery of AUVs, i.a.w, the company’s processes, and procedures.

                 Fault-finding activities, including the generation of NCRs, and UERs.

                 Responsible for integrating 3rd Party survey sensors and ancillary equipment into the AUVs system and onto the vehicle.

                 Responsible for mission planning activities.

                 Responsible for the Quality Control of collected mission data, its correct storage, and the configuration of data outputs.

                 Supervising trials and evaluation activities for AUV development and system upgrades and coordinating with AUV Fleet Coordinator.

                 Assisting in additional related AUV duties as directed by your line management.

                 Responsible for the successful calibration of vehicle sensors, i.a.w. Project requirements prior to commencement of operations.

                 Responsible for the writing of necessary operational and project reports, including DPRs and toolbox talks.

                 Assist in the development of AUV process and procedures development and technical support requests.


·        Experience using survey equipment (for e.g. MBES, SSS, SBP, LiDAR, various cameras, pipe trackers, etc.) in a variety of configurations.

·        Experience using a variety of communication devices (acoustic modems, radio links, optical systems, etc.) and navigation equipment (GPS, GNSS, DVL, etc.).

·        Experience in hardware and software integration of standard and custom payloads, including embedded CPUs and GPUs.

·        Knowledge of one (or more) embedded programming language (C/C++, Python).

·        Knowledge of PHINS/DELPH INS and SPRINTNAV/JANUS and interfacing/tuning of all ancillary sensors for AUV navigation.

·        Data processing experience.

·        Knowledge of using Ranger/Fusion USBL/LBL.

·        Experience with EIVA (online & processing).

·        AUV survey experience (preferable but not essential).


·        Min 5 years’ experience in the survey industry (preferably operating with AUVs) as an online surveyor (AUV Tech)

·        5+ years in the survey industry (preferably operating with AUVs) as a survey engineer (AUV Engineer)

·        Proficiency in handling, installing, interfacing and calibrating electronics, electrical and mechanical equipment, and sensors.

·        Practical problem-solving skills including demonstrable fault-finding techniques/resolution. Additional MTBF and reliability analysis skills would be advantageous.

·        Adequate IT skills to interface and network survey equipment.

·        Pro-activeness and adaptability.

·        Exhibits timely decision making based on objective focused process.

·        Excellent personality and a dedicated team member who can work independently as well.

·        Composure under pressure, possesses mental acuity and physical fitness to work under stressful conditions.


·        Diploma/HND or equivalent in relevant field(s) of Engineering (Electronics, Electrical, Software) or Computer Science (Technician-level)

·        Degree or equivalent in relevant field(s) of Engineering (Electronics, Electrical, Software) (Engineer-level) or Computer Science – min 2:1

·        Min 5 years (both Tech and Engineer) in survey industry, including processing survey and inspection data plus familiarity with current and emerging survey techniques/technologies.

·        Possess the relevant/latest Offshore Certifications.


Contact Name
Paul Tutill
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AM Recruitment
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Company size
50-100 employees
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