AUV Supervisor

May 13, 2024

TheThe Role

Reporting to the AUV Manager, the AUV Supervisor will be responsible for two broad work streams:

To supervise the operation and maintenance of the equipment spread in an efficient, organised, and controlled manner and in accordance with the manufacturer’s Operating manuals and the Company’s procedures.

To ensure that the Equipment achieves its highest performance during operations per the Client’s requirements whilst maintaining safe working practices and high safety awareness.

The role will be an offshore position with elements of working onshore, for example, where vehicle pre-mobilisation activities are required, or remote vehicle control is required from a land-based control centre.

The following list includes some of the key responsibilities:

  • Manage a team of technicians with diverse skill sets to ensure the clients AUVs are fully configured and prepared for a client’s operational activities.
  • Carry out Pre-Dive checks and configuration of the UID, onsite or remotely.
  • Piloting of the UID during Intervention or Surveying workscopes, onsite or remotely.
  • Organise, plan, and subsequently report on equipment maintenance.
  • Manage the launching and recovery of Subsea Equipment per the Operating Procedures and within the operating range of sea states.
  • Ensure that all Piot logs, video records, and survey sensor deliverables are produced satisfactorily and filed for reference. Participate in observing and data recording.
  • Manage battery management activities for the UID, ensuring charge levels are achieved, and safety functions are followed correctly.
  • Ensure that housekeeping and the safety of the equipment spread is carried out effectively.


Team Management

The candidate should have a well-rounded management style for dealing with a diverse team with varying skill sets, depending on the project. Who can also develop their team members, empower them, and increase performance via on-the-job training.

Electrical Engineering Qualification

A suitable electrical qualification, including high voltage, is essential for this role, as is significant relevant experience. The vehicles are fully electric and carry a significant battery setup for operations.

ROV piloting experience

The candidate should preferably have experience and logged hours flying hours carrying out intervention operations, pipeline surveys and other inspection scopes.

ROV/AUV technical experience.

The vehicles include a complex setup of sensors and equipment and need to be maintained to a high standard to achieve effective operations. It also includes its own INS system as standard, and a good working knowledge of Networking is preferential.

Problem-Solving Ability: Subsea environments can present complex challenges that require innovative solutions. As a

Supervisor, you should have excellent problem-solving skills to adapt to unexpected situations and find ways to elicit the best performance from the team with the skill sets they possess.

Attention to Detail: Precision is crucial in UID operations, as the vehicles often operate autonomously or semi-autonomously. You will, therefore, need to manage the team during AUV configuration, setup, and operations and quality-control their activities.

Teamwork and Adaptability: Subsea projects often involve collaboration with diverse teams. Being a team player within the company’s wider remit and adapting to changing circumstances are essential traits.


Previous experience working with ROV or AUVs during subsea surveyors or intervention workscopes is essential for this role. As well as extensive experience managing ROV/AUV vehicles and teams in an offshore environment.

Knowledge of Subsea Operations: A strong understanding of subsea infrastructure, including pipelines, cables, platforms, and other subsea structures, is crucial. Familiarity with subsea operational techniques for intervention and survey workscopes is necessary to assist the team in performing effectively.

Proficiency in integrating surveying instruments and equipment such as multibeam sonars, subsea positioning systems (USBL, LBL), side-scan sonars, ROV sensors, and subsea navigation software is necessary, as the UIDs are regularly rerolled and have complex setups.

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